If you are renovating your home and need somewhere to store all of your stuff, then you need to know about the latest innovations in portable storage. Today several movie companies provide moving containers and mobile storage options that will make your life much, much easier. The company will send a portable storage and moving container to your residence so you can easily pack your family belongings yourself. When you are finished packing the company will pick up your container and deliver it to your new residence. This is much more economic and convenient since an individual can rent the moving container themselves and they can pack and unload their items by themselves rather than paying a moving company to do it.

By using pod moving containers you are given more space and adaptability. These containers were styled specifically for home owners with moving and storage needs. The units are big enough to you can store several boxes and furniture and they offer a sense of security in knowing your items will be safe and taken care of properly. These clean containers are available size 8’ by 8’ and a larger size of 8’ by 16’.


These moving containers also offer a solution for those renovating a home and who are unsure of where to store their items and furniture. Not everyone has the additional space in a home to simply store furniture. This method of portable storage is the answer for individuals who are perhaps renovating a bedroom or basement by providing storage containers to give you that additional room you are going to need. If you desire, your furniture and belongings will be securely stored at our facility in the storage container until the home renovations are finished.

If you need commercial or business storing due to relocation or renovations, storage for documents, or any special events, containers can be a sensible option for storage and are so convenient. A storage and mobile move container is brought to your place of business. Once you pack your office or business items inside the container, you can choose to keep it at your business site for the desired length of time you will need it. You can also keep a container for extra storage space also. The mobile container can be transferred to our storage site if it is more convenient.

So when you are moving or renovating, consider mobile storage rather than the old fashioned way of moving in which you must deal with self-storage facilities, relocation services, renting a truck and various moving van companies and their policies. You will be free from making several trips back and forth to a public storage building. You simply load the container from your place of business or home and we will be there to pick it up and store it safely for you. This is more economical and less stress involved for everyone involved.

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Martin Forther has been involved with the real estate industry for years, and he has even worked in multiple provinces across the country. With all this experience he knows first hand the importance of organization, especially when renovating or staging a home. When he was moving out of Alberta he needed portable storage services in Edmonton and spent some time weighing his options. In the end he decided to go with www.cubeit.ca and highly recommends them to his readers for their huge number of options and reliable services.

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